The Seanamic Group provides surface to seabed systems to the oil and gas, offshore cabling, diving, oceanographic, seismic and naval defense industries. We are a solutions partner, combining in-depth engineering and manufacture with industry-leading innovation and systems performance.


Seanamic brings together specialists in offshore handling systems and cable and umbilical manufacture with a single purpose – to redefine the performance and capability of surface to seabed systems.

Diving & ROV

Dive bell handling – IMCA compliant, ‘Over-the-side’ / moonpool – A-Frame assembly: bell wire, guide wire, diving umbilical and winches, Mail bell & habitat service umbilicals, air dive and sat. Excursion Umbilicals ROV deployment – Armored ROV lift cables and neutrally buoyant tethers

Oil & Gas / Renewables

IWOCS, Deepwater lowering and Pipe handling systems, Dynamic electro-hydraulic
umbilical and cable systems.
A-frame LARS for ROV / trenching equipment Carousels and spoolers for offshore, marine and renewable projects.


Steel armored and textile reinforced Lead-in and tail buoy cables, Air gun and vibrator array umbilicals – deployment and handling, Ocean bottom cables / assemblies, Seiscon source connectors and cable assemblies.

Oceanographic and Marine Science

Umbilicals and cables for underwater surveying and environmental monitoring, Custom A-frame Launch And Recovery systems for manned submersibles, Conductivity, Temperature and Depth (CTD) Rosette deployment systems.


Davits for RIBs, workboats and AUVs, Submarine rescue submeribles and dive LARS, Distressed submarine rescue hoses and umbilicals. Cables for submarine ‘ anti-submarine warfare, mine counter measures, acoustic, magnetic and multi-influence ranges, anti-terrorism and installation security.